5 Reasons people love working at InfoCentric

5 Reasons people love working at InfoCentric

Since InfoCentric began, the founders of the business have understood that people are our most important asset. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive and enjoyable place to work.

As a business, we take staff satisfaction and career development very seriously, and are always looking to improve in line with our employees needs and requirements.

In this article, we’re diving into what InfoCentric people think about working for the business.

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What are the best things about working at InfoCentric?

Here are just some of the things staff love about working at InfoCentric.

Development opportunities

InfoCentric offers on the job and formal training to give employees a head start in their careers. 

We offer certified training on a range of platforms, including AWS, Snowflake,  AZURE and Google (to name a few) and also actively encourage employees to seek out their own training that we will fund.

“One of the best things about working at InfoCentric is the training that’s provided.” – Anne Baltazar, Principal Consultant

Empowering ownership over your career

InfoCentric is a business founded on long term relationships, so we’re passionate about developing careers.

Many of our employees have worked with us for years, and have been able to move into new and exciting roles, including leadership roles.

“My role has changed a lot since I started at InfoCentric in 2012, and I’ve been able to grow with the company. I’ve  moved into a leadership role and have been able to shape my career trajectory. It has been a period of tremendous professional growth”.  – Abby Hammerstein, Head of Delivery and Staff Management

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Work flexibility

Balancing family, life and career is an important factor for everyone, and we try to shape our work to allow for flexibility for our team. .

We have a range of benefits that promote being able to work in the way that makes the most sense for individual life circumstances; including working remotely, being able to work whilst travelling and flexible public holidays. 

We also take the time to understand our team one-on-one so that we can discuss individual needs and how they fit into our consulting industry. 

Exposure to great clients

InfoCentric works with some of the biggest names in corporate Australia, including leading banks, insurers, retailers, universities and government organisations.

We’re one of the largest privately-owned cloud, data and analytics consulting firms in Australia, meaning we can offer experience with a variety of interesting clients and environments across different industries.

Working in a high performing culture

The InfoCentric team is highly skilled, and tight knit. We focus on serving the customer, while pushing our own professional boundaries. In doing so, we commit to keeping on top of the latest technologies and providing the best solutions as a team.

“There is good teamwork and you can learn lots of new technologies” – Anonymous Glassdoor review. 

The culture is focussed on genuine connection and empowerment, with regular interaction with company leaders, scheduled social events and a multitude of internal development opportunities. This culture then reinforces our team connection and performance and we prioritise initiatives that improve the employee experience. 


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Our values guide our work at InfoCentric

Our values are: embrace diversity, thrive together, realise opportunity, empower clients and think big picture.

Here’s how some of our values show up at InfoCentric:

Realise Opportunity

  • Mentorship and collaboration from industry leaders
  • Contemporary training and development
  • Access on demand training in our LMS
  • Gain experience in complex client projects from graduate level
  • Receive individualised coaching to achieve development goals
  • Build your industry brand and future leader status


Thrive Together & Embrace Diversity

  • Receive genuine recognition for work and valued behaviour
  • Celebrate personal milestones and achievements
  • Receive awards for delivery excellence and customer satisfaction
  • Be part of embracing and celebrating team diversity
  • Work closely with a team to achieve key goals
  • Feel safe to raise and discuss concerns within the business


Think Big Picture

  • Work flexibly to balance family, life and career
  • Bring innovative ideas
  • Create impact and positive change for the team and business
  • Drive process improvement
  • Be involved in developing unique IP and marketing positions
  • Be in control of your personal and professional development


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