Meet InfoCentric’s Head Of Strategy, Michael Power

Meet InfoCentric’s Head Of Strategy, Michael Power

Want to learn more about a career in data? We caught up with Head of Strategy and Data Governance, Michael Power, to discuss what his role involves.

What’s your role at InfoCentric?

I’m the Head of Strategy and Data Governance at InfoCentric. I assist our clients in developing strategic plans and making the most of their data.

Walk me through a day in your life as Head of Strategy

Everyday is different, which is great. 

My day usually involves overseeing projects that my team are working on, talking to current clients about how their projects are going, and working with prospective clients to figure out how we can help them.

What value does InfoCentric deliver to clients?

Our main area of value is the years of experience we have behind us. With this, we’re able to tailor solutions to individual business needs. 

There’s not much we haven’t seen before, but at the same time we want every data solution to feel unique to your business. Our approach is very pragmatic, and we use a tried and tested framework to get the job done. 

Why is InfoCentric unique?

The people make InfoCentric unique. We have a great team of client-focused professionals who all work together to reach a common goal for our clients.  We also have extremely deep experience in the Retail and Financial Services Industries.

How did you get into the industry?

I’ve always been fascinated by data, but I actually studied commerce at University. My background is in accounting and finance, and I found my way into consulting for businesses through that. My specialisation became IT enablement and then later data analytics.

What do you like about working in data?

Almost every company now is an information company, whether they know it or not. There are such vast insights opportunities in this space thanks to the amount of available data, and that really interests me.

What do you like about working for InfoCentric?

We’re very team-oriented towards client outcomes. Everyone has a can-do attitude and puts the best interests of the client at heart, which makes my job a lot easier. It’s nice to manage people who really care about their work, and that’s something I love about working at InfoCentric.

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