A day in the life of a project manager at Infocentric

A day in the life of a project manager at Infocentric

A day in the life of a project manager at Infocentric

At InfoCentric, being part of a tight-knit team comes with the territory.

We love to catch up with people from different areas of the business to interview them on their role and experience.

This week, we’re talking to Anne Baltazar – a Principal Consultant and Project Manager at InfoCentric.

How did you get into the data world?

I actually did a science degree and I’ve always loved maths and science.

I got into data when someone I went to university with recommended me for a job. It was working for an insurance company working on pricing and data.

From there I moved into the business intelligence team and did lots of reporting and data analytics work. I then moved to a bank and did a customer analytics role, so I’ve had a varied career so far.

I’ve spent 4.5 years at InfoCentric now and have a significant responsibility in my role as a Project Manager.

What does a Project Manager do at IC?

Lots of things! The role is really varied.

Essentially, the main responsibility is to deliver on time, budget and requirements for the client. So this involves understanding the scope of delivery, ensuring there are enough resources, managing deadlines and lots more.

It involves touchpoints with both employees and stakeholders, to keep everyone informed on the tracking of the project.

And what are you working on at the moment?

Without giving too much away, I’m working with a retail company who are migrating to the cloud. 

I’m in a project services role, so dealing with external projects within IT. I’m working across various areas of my client’s business at the moment; many of our clients, like retailers, banks, utilities and insurance companies are fast moving companies that need up to date  dataanalysis.

A lot of my focus is migration to the cloud using agile based methodologies.

Why would businesses want to migrate to the cloud?

It’s faster, safer and allows you to deal with huge amounts of information. Plus, you can work in real time which means that decisions can be made in real time (eg When a transaction occurs).

Tell us about working with agile 

As a Project Manager, I love running projects that have adopted an agile methodology. It allows you to pivot quickly depending on the project, deliver value in smaller chunks and have a positive mindset when working.

We like to have small teams that work well together, bringing together lots of independent skill sets that are able to work in a team.