Video Series: Leveraging data to drive business performance

Video Series: Leveraging data to drive business performance

Welcome to a webinar series presented in partnership by InfoCentric and CharterX.

In our 3 part video series, Michael Power (InfoCentric) and Neil Wilson (CharterX) explore the following questions:

  • Part 1 – Where is your business strategy, relative to the changing market conditions, impacted by the state of the economy, new competitors and the Artificial Intelligence phenomenon?
  • Part 2 – How does a data driven approach enable assessment and ongoing management of business strategy alignment and investment directions?
  • Part 3 – What do you think ? We will discuss your feedback, perspectives and questions provided by you from the first two parts of the series.

In Part 1 Neil Wilson imparts invaluable insights from the Boardroom and the Executive Leadership table on how to measure the right indicators in the current operating environment and direct investment funds effectively in a changing landscape.

Provide your feedback and/or questions in the form below.

Part I - Business Strategy and Market Conditions