AI & machine learning

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InfoCentric offers advanced AI, machine learning and data science solutions to help you address your most pressing challenges – and achieve organisational success.


At InfoCentric, we focus on developing new-age solutions to solve real-world business problems.

By using advanced technology to drive business insight and process automation, we can help enhance your capabilities, streamline your operations – and secure you greater value in the long term.


Our AI consultants start by thoroughly analysing your requirements. By understanding all the challenges and opportunities that your organisation faces, they’re able to create an optimal AI strategy for you.

Throughout the process, our team uses key data processing frameworks and powerful machine learning algorithms to solve your business issues. They can also advise on how to implement your AI-powered solutions as efficiently as possible.

Our consultants can deliver full-cycle AI software development on a turnkey basis or help your in-house team at any stage of a project.


Our data science projects focus on fully operationalising our solutions on your data platform – and maximising their ongoing value.

We specialise in a wide range of modelling techniques that combine demographics, behavioural data and transactional information to develop individual personas and segment your customers.

Our predictive models are also custom built to your specific business needs, with the results continually refreshed and available for action. These models can help you target customers with relevant information, products and services. They’re also valuable for risk, forecasting and operational management.

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