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Is your organisation looking to modernise your data assets to leverage AI for critical business insights? Meet all your strategic requirements with InfoCentric – the experts in data and analytics strategies.


InfoCentric has an experienced team of strategists, analysts and architects that have been helping enterprise scale organisations to develop modern and progressive strategies that can be implemented effectively.

Our approach is pragmatic and outcomes focused, and with our experience we are deeply attuned to the political issues that often arise when forming new strategies – and we know how to manage them properly.

That’s how we know that our strategies can fit within the big picture and day-to-day reality of your organisation.

What’s more, we keep our consulting rates competitive and flexible. That’s because we believe understanding your needs is the foundation of any long-term partnership.


InfoCentric’s Information Management Framework has been developed and leveraged over 13 years from delivering high quality advisory services to a broad range of customers and industries. The framework is focused heavily on three key areas – Information Management, Data Governance and AI optimisation.  The principles that we have adopted whilst industry standard, enable a consistent and pragmatic approach, getting to a result quickly and efficiently, and ultimately saving time and money.


InfoCentric has extensive experience in assisting organisations with a range of advisory and consulting services:

  1. Data Analytics Strategy and Roadmap
  2. Data Architectural Reviews
  3. Data Governance Maturity Assessment
  4. AI Governance Framework
  5. Business Case Development

Data Analytics Strategy

The ability to become a data driven organisation is shaped by aligning your data strategy to the business strategic goals and objectives. A well written data strategy enables investment and capability decisions that will support better access to information and insights, consolidate data and lay the foundation for meeting key performance metrics.
Every strategy engagement is tailored to the customer’s unique business environment and specific business problems.

The outcomes of our strategies may include the following elements:

  1. A set of business-led, high-level use cases
  2. Current state assessment of data analytics environment, data governance maturity and AI Optimisation
  3. Desired target state including architecture, technology platform, operating model and organisational structure
  4. Gap analysis and prioritised roadmap to achieve the desired target state

Data Architecture

Most organisations are on the journey to a multi-cloud environment. An architectural review is often required to determine specific use cases that can be supported by the existing data platform eco-system, and where necessary, the introduction and integration of new data services and solutions. There are often a multitude of architectural decisions to be made – InfoCentric can help you make the right decisions for the right situation.

A typical review will take into consideration the guiding principles, capability architecture, conceptual architecture and high level technical architecture to support your data and analytics solution requirements.

Data Governance Maturity Assessment

As we embrace the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence, data governance becomes the linchpin for successful AI implementation. We are your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of data governance. Ensuring the maturity of your data governance is paramount in today’s digital age. Our specialised service focuses on providing a pragmatic assessment and practical recommendations across the key dimensions that are crucial for success in the evolving data landscape – including:
– data operating model
– data ownership
– quality
– lifecycle management
– master data management

AI Governance Framework

Empower your organisation with a robust AI governance framework that aligns seamlessly with your strategic objectives. Our expert consultants work hand-in-hand with you to develop and implement governance structures that ensure ethical, transparent, and responsible AI practices.

We understand the transformative potential AI holds and ensure your organisation leverages it effectively. Our consultants provide insights and strategies that enable you to harness the power of AI without compromising on governance or ethical considerations.

Business Case Development

We understand that the investment in building an organisational data and analytics capability should be a self-funding exercise.  We have extensive experience in business case development and can also assist beyond this strategy phase in framing a business case that articulates benefits in practical terms with required quantitative benefits, assumptions and financial analysis.

Our deliverables are designed to be easily consumed, with a good balance of business and technology, being pragmatic and practical, so that the follow-up steps are clear, transparent and implementable.

Michael Power, Head of Advisory Services


With our strategy and architecture experts, your business will benefit from:

  1. High impact, pragmatic and implementable strategies
  2. Leading cloud solution architecture advice
  3. Data Analysis designed to support advanced use cases including the unique demands of AI business initiatives
  4. Capability maturity assessments to support your roadmap of investment
  5. Business cases supporting investment decision making
Ready for the right strategy – and the right outcomes?