Our leadership team



An experienced manager, Jose keeps our team cohesive and goal-aligned. It’s how he ensures top performance and outstanding results.

With over 25 years’ experience driving Data and Analytics outcomes for some of Australia’s largest Retail, Financial Services and Insurance organisations, Jose is an accomplished industry leader.

Architecture & design

Operational management

Team management



With rich experience in retail, banking and utilities, Martyn specialises in implementing customer analytical platforms.

He’s also a master of identifying valuable business patterns, segments and behaviours.

Martyn uses his passion for uncovering these hidden data treasures to shape our clients’ customer engagement strategies.

Data science, machine learning & AI

Business case development

Team management


Principal Consultant

For 20+ years, Michael has been integral to the success of some of Australia’s largest organisations.

At InfoCentric, Michael helps clients use data assets to achieve greater business insights and stronger growth.

He’s also an expert in crafting compelling business cases that allow for self-funding and incremental investments based on specific use cases.

Business case development

Data, BI & cloud transformation analytics strategies


Principal Consultant

Tom is specialist in data integration and platforms and a leader in design and architecture.

Tom has spent 25+ years helping Australia’s largest organisations achieve their ideal data transformation states.

Focused on cloud transformation, Tom approaches design with a pragmatic and commercial lens.

Business case development

Solution, technical & data architecture

Data migration & integration

Cloud platform design


Principal Consultant

A passionate leader, Phil drives us to do our best.

Blending rich business expertise, a strategic edge and technical acumen, Phil also helps our clients innovate and transform their operations.

Able to work across all organisational levels, Phil is a proven expert in business-led technology projects.

Business case development

Commercial management

Program management

Data, analytics, data management & cloud strategies


Principal Consultant

Abby forges strong partnerships with all our clients.

She has helped many organisations optimise their communications and operations through data.

Passionate about transformation, Abby is trusted by our clients and partners to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Business development

Account management

Team leadership


Principal Consultant

David has specialised in data management and transformation for 30+ years.

Every day he draws from his wealth of experience in helping large organisations around the world.

He’s also well-attuned to the unique needs of clients from different industries – including insurance, retail and telecommunications.

Business case development

Data, BI & cloud transformation analytics

Data governance & quality control

Metadata management

Data lineage


Principal Consultant

A quiet leader and critical thinker, Mark achieves client goals while delivering the best service possible.

An expert in data and analytics, Mark translates ideas into actions. This involves a high level of understanding, planning, costing, justification and refinement.

In his role, he nurtures ideas until they become viable projects with tangible business benefits.

Business case development

Financial modelling

Advanced analytics

Business analysis

Project management


Principal Consultant

An architecture leader, Brett has been consulting to some of the world’s biggest organisations for over 25 years.

Outcome-driven with a sharp eye, Brett contributes to all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from planning to deployment.

It’s how he meets all customer and legislative needs – while proactively addressing risks along the way.

Solutions & technical architecture

Technical leadership