The right strategy. The right outcomes.

Is your organisation looking to leverage available data assets to deliver critical business insights? Leave your needs with InfoCentric – the experts in data and analytics strategies.


Our team has helped large organisations develop strong strategies for more than 25 years.

We’re therefore deeply attuned to the political issues that often arise when forming new strategies – and we know how to manage them properly. That’s how we ensure our solutions fit within the big picture and day-to-day reality of your organisation.

What’s more, we keep our consulting rates competitive and flexible. That’s because we believe understanding your needs is the foundation of any long-term partnership.


1 Initial meeting

We discuss your strategic vision and objectives – and you provide important resources to help us understand your situation.

2 Environmental analysis & assessment

We explore different aspects of your organisation by:

  • • Conducting interviews and workshops with key stakeholders
  • • Reviewing your existing data source systems
  • • Gathering intelligence on your business and technical requirements

Using our data analytics maturity model, we then compile all this information to assess your current environment.

3 Your ideal future

Combining insights from our environmental analysis and your strategic vision, we design a realistic future state for your organisation.

4 Strategy recommendations

We present a range of strategies to reach your ideal future state. These could include improving your current systems – or using them more effectively.

Every strategy we recommend is customised, detailed and practical.

5 Your roadmap to success

Once you’ve selected a strategy, we create a robust roadmap to help you achieve your desired state – and draw value from your data.

6 Estimates of your investment

We provide estimate costs for implementing your strategy.

7 A compelling business case

Through proven and refined methods, we determine the potential value of your data assets to create a compelling business case.

Ready for the right strategy – and the right outcomes?