Accelerated data governance

Smarter data governance. Faster results.

At InfoCentric, we can help you maintain the integrity of your data assets more quickly, so you can reap the benefits sooner.


Our data governance experts understand the importance of reliable and valuable data when making important strategic decisions. And we understand that time is often of the essence.

Using our unique IP, we have the tools and expertise to validate, process and protect your data assets a lot quicker.

The result? A more robust long-term outcome in a shorter space of time – and a trusted foundation for your business strategy.


  • Accelerated data governance
    We can accelerate your data governance program and make it more sustainable with our practical approach and automated metadata collection and management tool
  • Faster regulatory compliance
    With InfoCentric, you can achieve regulatory and governance control compliance (e.g. CPG 234/235) faster and more easily – with automated data lineage and data traceability.
  • Empowered transformation
    Let our experts help you understand your existing system landscape quickly to achieve faster transformation to a digital, cloud future. We can also help identify, retire and replace your dormant capabilities to help you become more flexible and responsive to customers.
  • Unleashed data analytics
    We can help you find quality data faster – and understand it better – for improved business performance.
  • Targeted data security
    InfoCentric can implement intelligent scanners to rapidly detect private data (PII, PCI, or PHI) wherever it is stored in your organisation – and provide methods to assess risk and put controls into place.
Ready for smarter data management and faster results?