It is imperative that organisations focus on recovery in a post-COVID world and begin to plan for the new business-as-unusual. With this in mind, InfoCentric and Alex Solutions have combined expert consulting services with the Gartner recognised Enterprise Data Catalog software to provide targeted business solutions both during and post pandemic. 

Enabling Remote Workforce & Onboarding

Ensuring employees have the means necessary to effectively work from home is now a critical capability.  As new employees are on-boarded into organisations they need to understand the key business terms and enterprise knowledge that is relevant to their role. Role based access to the Alex Enterprise Data Catalog provides a personalised information base to simplify the onboarding process enabling increased productivity for new employees. The ability to virtually access role-based key business definitions and data sets can provide a ‘fast-start’ for new employees, particularly those in data and analytics roles such as data engineers and data scientists. Data Discovery is exponentially more difficult in a distributed working environment – employees can’t just walk up to a colleague and ask a question anymore. They need self service capability to discover data quickly and intuitively as part of their normal workflow.

Supporting the Digitization of Products and Services 

COVID-19 has provided the impetus to significantly accelerate the push to on-line products and services. Greater digital interaction with customers and citizens requires an in depth understanding of your data landscape, data classification and the data sources that are provisioned via APIs. The growth of data sharing requirements in conjunction with tighter data security compliance regulations is creating a significant data governance and management challenge.  InfoCentric’s practical data governance mobilisation method incorporates the unique capabilities of the Alex software. It is designed to accelerate both the protection and effective leverage of your data assets as enterprises push faster and further into digitization.

Accelerate Recovery Planning Analytics 

Organisations need rapid insights into the hands of key decision makers as they return to a new operating environment shaped by the impact of COVID-19. They need the ability to test, measure and act as new approaches are taken to support future business scenarios. These scenarios require a consistent data driven approach with incremental delivery of small, high-impact solutions. A sharp focus on the post COVID-19 impact on your customers/citizens, products and services, employees and operations is key. The rapid evaluation of strategic options requires targeted effort on new data acquisition, analysis, visualisation and modelling. InfoCentric and Alex Solutions embed pre-configured and industry tailored insights capability to drive business improvement, so that decisions are consistently backed by data. A realistic assessment of the changes to your business from COVID-19 will contribute to success post the crisis and establish capability to deal effectively with ongoing economic and environmental shifts.

Michael Power | 19 June 2020