Video: Introduction to InfoSure Service (Webinar)

Video: Introduction to InfoSure Service (Webinar)

Safeguarding your sensitive data using InfoSure service webinar was hosted on 1st November 2023 by Michael Power and Mark Morgante.

In this webinar we deep dived into the InfoSure service, which provides an end to end approach for dealing with information risk.  The service comprises 3 distinct stages that include:

  1. Discovery of sensitive data – addressing the question of “where does my risk lie?” and “how much sensitive data does my organisation hold?”
  2. Prioritisation of the discovery – looking at the fundamental question of how do we start to prioritise how to treat this risk?
  3. Remediation and treatment – looks at the challenge of how to structure a program that will treat the risks identified, ensuring a full audit of treatment options, and how to effectively manage the program using live dashboards and insights.

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