Client Story: Data Strategy in Government

data strategy in government

Client Story: Data Strategy in Government

Client Story: Data Strategy in Government

data strategy in government


This Government department was in the process of establishing a whole of department enterprise data warehouse initiative to support a multitude of geographically disparate service providers.  The key business case was to rationalise and standardise data platform assets to become more productive, improve reporting and insights services and reduce cost.


To prepare a high level strategy that would represent:

  1. A broad cross section of stakeholders
  2. Document existing issues and challenges
  3. Provide a vision statement for a future state
  4. To position the benefits of a new operating model
  5. Provide a detailed roadmap of future activities

Ultimately, the brief was to get all stakeholders “on the same page” and support a business case for change.


  1. Workshopped with key stakeholders the current state, the impact of the existing challenges and high level reporting requirements
  2. Reviewed existing process and systems documentation
  3. Reviewed existing information standards and privacy/security policies
  4. Assessed the current technology architecture
  5. Envisioned the proposed future state environment and documented the key business benefits


Established a common understanding and agreement for key concepts to address the challenges, including:

  1. The value of standardising data management practices
  2. How cost savings can be achieved through consolidation, integration and data sharing
  3. How to improve the data governance operating model
  4. An agreed approach for capturing key requirements

The customer is now in a position to roadshow the recommendations, finalise endorsement from key stakeholders and confirm the next phase of the program.