Webinar: Anatomy of a sensitive data breach

The rise in data breaches is forcing every organisation to consider how it collects, manages and remediates sensitive data.

Held 10am Tuesday 9th April 2024

In our ongoing series on sensitive data governance, we look at what happens in the event of a data breach and delve into the best practices around minimising risk both pre and post-incident.

When the Security Team informs the Data Team that a breach has occurred, an immediate response is required to analyse the nature of the accessed data and determine if any Personal Information (PI) was compromised.

In most cases, the primary goal is to swiftly assess the scope of the breach, initiate necessary clean-up measures, and ascertain if notification to regulators is warranted – a process with significant operational and reputational implications.

In this webinar, we will explore:

Characteristics of both effective and ineffective data breach scenarios
Post-breach analysis procedures and considerations
Strategies for proactively mitigating the impact of data breaches

Our Guest Speakers

Learn from InfoCentric’s seasoned information management experts, who will share valuable insights and experience working with leading Australian organisations.

Our experts will include:

Mark Morgante

Senior Data Governance Specialist

Mark is an Information Management Specialist with broad experience both locally and internationally in Data Governance strategy and implementation.

Mark is currently working with a number of our clients to understand and address where information risk is hiding across the organisation.

Michael Power

Head of Advisory Services

Michael works with our clients to articulate real business value from strategic data analytics investments.

As the leader of the Advisory practice he also reinforces a consistent focus on business adoption of foundational information management practices.