A day in the life of a Principal Consultant in Advisory Services

A day in the life of a Principal Consultant in Advisory Services

Meet Mark Morgante 

In this series, we’re meeting the InfoCentric team to learn more about our most valuable asset – our people. 

Mark is a Principal Consultant in the Advisory Services, providing clients with expert knowledge on data governance and strategy. 

Get to know Mark in this short interview.


Could you tell us what your role entails

I work with clients to deliver consulting services, mainly across data governance. My role is to make sure that our clients have  a robust foundation for their data strategy, so they can effectively meet their business aspirations. 

I also help to develop our IP and methodology in order to innovate  and best serve our clients.

What kind of clients do you work with?

I’ve worked with an array of clients, from sporting bodies to large banks. I’ve also done a lot of data governance work with insurance companies. The work I do is pretty ubiquitous and we can apply it to most organisations.

What is a day in life like?

Often I will be hands-on working with clients to get to the bottom of their data goals and aspirations. Most of what I do centres around data governance working with our data assessment framework.

We rank how clients are currently performing, and assess their data risks and opportunities. We work with a scale of maturity that goes from 1-5 for each area of data governance, looking at things like how you manage business risk, how you understand privacy, defining ownership, defining data quality etc. 

Normally I will be working with clients to self-assess and work through their current data strategy and then working internally with the team of strategy and governance experts at  InfoCentric team to come up with a strategy and roadmap to improve their capabilities.

How did you get into data?

I’ve always been interested in data, so I studied Business Information Systems and Management at University and then went to work for a bank. 

As a grad I learnt how important data is and how it acts as a point of difference between companies. From here, I honed my skills and became involved in data strategy – looking at how data plays into business decision making.

What kind of work did you do after that graduate role?

From there I expanded my knowledge and experience in the field of data governance, taking on roles as a Compliance Manager and Head of Data before working for InfoCentric. I also spent a few years in Asia working for start-ups and with a few very interesting multinationals. 

Why do you like working for InfoCentric?

The people here are really great. I learn a lot from my colleagues. I also like working with a broad range of clients across a diverse range of industries, so it’s great to get that experience. 

What’s life for you outside of work?

Busy! I’ve got a young family, with a 3 year old and a less than one year old, plus a couple of dogs. Thankfully InfoCentric is really a flexible employer and respectful place to work so I get the balance right, I think.

What are your career aspirations for the next 10 years?

It would be nice to have that sort of job security! Only joking, but really I do feel lucky to work in this industry and I know that it is always shifting and changing. I’d like to continue working with this team and helping with clients to deliver value long term and minimise risk. 

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