Why Consider Managed Data Platform Services? 5 Simple Reasons

Why Consider Managed Data Platform Services? 5 Simple Reasons

Managed Data Platform Services and the related supporting cloud infrastructure can quickly become a complex and costly process for businesses, leaving many overwhelmed and in need of an alternative approach to inhouse support teams.  

Managed services are an increasingly popular choice for companies that need to outsource their support processes to focus on other higher value tasks without sacrificing accuracy or speed.  Managed services providers are motivated to harness the efficiency of automation, while being overseen by skilled and efficient support capabilities.

Here we’ll discuss why your business should consider taking advantage of managed data platform services to improve business operations.

5 Simple Reasons To Consider Managed Data Platform Services 

Data security and compliance assurance

A managed services provider will often incorporate the latest encryptions and security protocols that ensure that your data is compliant to relevant standards (eg. ISO, HIPPA, and SOC2).  This gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is protected from any security breaches or cyber-attacks, while also being compliant with specific regulations.

Reduced costs and enhanced scalability

By outsourcing your data management to a managed services provider, you’ll potentially save on building the required level of capabilities and resources that is required to maintain and store data in-house. Managed services offer enhanced scalability, so you can adjust and increase the size of your data as needed without stretching your resources. You’ll always have easy access to the latest cutting-edge technology that is designed for handling large amounts of data quickly and securely.

Improved data quality and better decision making

Managed data services can improve the accuracy and integrity of your data, through proven and tested data transformation processes. This can lead to better decision-making as you will have a more complete view of customer preferences, employee performance, market trends and other information that is vital for successful business operations. 

Additionally, managed data services providers can provide specialised expertise to quickly identify data problems and recommend preventive measures to avert them before it affects business operations.  

Faster problem resolution with dedicated customer service teams

Working with managed data services providers can give you access to a dedicated customer service team that is familiar with how your operations work and can quickly respond to any issues. 

This eliminates the need for having in-house IT staff or external experts spend long hours trying to locate and solve errors or outages. Managed data services teams are equipped with tools and expertise under service level agreements to quickly identify, troubleshoot and resolve analytics, platform or database issues within an agreed timeframe. 

Penalties often apply if these service levels are breached, which is good motivation for a managed service provider making sure problems are resolved fast!

Automation of processes to streamline workloads

Perhaps the most notable benefit of using managed data services is the ability to automate tedious and time-consuming manual ingestion, collection, transformation and data integration processes. By automating processes such as data preparation, cleaning, loading and migration, you can ensure the process runs more smoothly and quickly. 

Automation also reduces human errors that can occur due to lack of knowledge or oversight. Managed data services providers may be able to provide a higher level of expertise in automation than relying on your internal team alone.

The InfoCentric Difference

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