Webinar: Is your organisation leveraging data to drive business performance? Many are NOT!

In the ever-evolving landscape of business strategy and digital transformation, partnerships play a crucial role in ensuring the right capability and experience is applied to ensuring alignment with overarching organisation goals. At InfoCentric, we’re proud to collaborate with CharterX, an advisory firm specialising in guiding organisations to align their business strategy with their digital, information, and technology strategies.

Together, we’ve had the privilege of gaining insights from various organisations across industries, highlighting the challenges, opportunities, and considerations in today’s economic climate.

Leveraging data to drive business performance

InfoCentric and CharterX

11am Thursday 23rd May 2024

As Australia experiences a tightening of monetary policy, impacting consumer spending and revenue outlooks for many organisations, it is critical to reassess business performance and investments to ensure a strategic focus as well as a prudent view of the current operating environment.

Amidst these challenges, two key considerations stand out:

1. Performance Focus – Are we measuring the right metrics in the current operating environment?

2. Investment Alignment – Are we directing our funds effectively in light of current circumstances?

Our observations indicate that many organisations are still operating with performance measurement processes and investment decisions established in a different economic context. While some are proactively adapting, there’s a spectrum of responses across different management levels.

So, what does this mean for CEO’s, CIOs and CDOs?

Join us for this live webinar as Neil Wilson and Michael Power share valuable insights and experience from working with leading Australian organisations.

Our Guest Speakers

Our experts will include:

Neil Wilson

CharterX, Director and Advisor, Information Technology & Sports Administration

Business leader and entrepreneur with corporate, start up, founder and public company experience.

A practitioner in the digital, data and technology domain, sports administration and extensive experience in general management and CEO management across private, membership based and public company organisations.

Michael Power

InfoCentric, Head of Advisory Services

Michael works with our clients to articulate real business value from strategic data analytics investments.

As the leader of the Advisory practice he also reinforces a consistent focus on business adoption of foundational information management practices.